New meters with LKFS

Mac and PC, trial version available. Haven’t tried it yet but thought I’d share. John.

Thanks for sharing. I’ll try to fire it up in demo-mode and run it against Dolby’s to see how they stack up (hate the Dolby one btw).

Hello John,
Looks nice because it’s simple. WIll give it a try. Have you used their VPre voice processor yet?

Hey Hugh, how’s things? No, haven’t tried that either; we’re in the midst of a new buildout and move so new toys are on the back burner. The meters are getting good reviews over on the DUC Post Production forum though. John.

Have you done some testing?

I have actually forgotten to do so. I’ll try to find some time this week…

Frankly, it has some very irritating issues that need sorting out.
1 - If you set up a meter from the initial “Blank Canvas”, defining the channel maps properly to L,R,C,LFE,Ls,Rs and the speaker placement to the correct order, then set up your chosen meter type & weighting etc, I would expect a VSTpreset created from this to get loaded back properly.
Doesn’t happen - the channel mapping is remembered but not the actual meters you so painstakingly set up.

2 - From default loads, the channel mapping is always wrong and there seems to be no way of editing this so it stays how I want it. I do not have much use for L,C,R,Ls,Rs,LFE (the standard it uses) and the speaker mapping is also always wrong from
factory preset starting points.

This makes it a pain to set up.
I have to load a VSTPreset that I know will not have the right meters just to get the channel map correct.
Only other alternative is to edit every preset they supply to a correctly set up one & hope it all gets remembered - but it looks likely it will default to this odd channel order instead.

I only checked this plug in PT HD in stereo.

In terms of response and accuracy it seems very close to Dolby. And I suppose it should. I’d say that it seems to react a wee bit slower, finding the same value the Dolby meter does a few seconds later. In general it reported 1dB lower than Dolby before it “caught up”. At least that’s what it looked like to me.

If what Neil reported gets sorted out I could see this be a good cheaper alternative to the Dolby one.