New Michael Jackson Release: What did you think?

Anybody here heard the new MJ release, “X-Scape?” What did you think (particularly of the mixes)?

Did they not try and remix them as a means to cutting Quincy Jones out of the royalties ??

the new versions sound fake.

the originals, sometimes sounding like the instruments are GM, sound much better and capture the essence of MJ.
the new versions do not have that je ne sais qoui

Yes, I meant to say that also. The early DX7 and Oberheim synths (which nowadays may give it that ‘GM’ sound you term) really added the icing on the cake and ‘character’.

also the vocals themselves sound better in the originals… more love, more feeling, more life, more MJ… so weird-in the new ones (to me) they sound processed

Looks like there’s nothing really original just a bunch of remixes. Sounds good but I heard he had lots of new songs I guess they will be released at some point. Studio one was used on this album.
5 weeks on Billboard. Peaked at # 2. This week at # 9…

No artistic agenda what so ever IMO.

So who is this ‘Michael Jackson’ person??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
And what has he done lately??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Another case in which remix seems to be synonymous with trying to wring more cash out of his legacy.

Never liked his music, never will. :neutral_face:

This must have been made with ‘Fruity Loops’ and I emphasize on the ‘Fruity’ :mrgreen: