New microphone or not

I need some input on this:

I am thinking of getting a new microphone to get better sound. My current microphone is a AKG C214. My question is would a upgrade to a RODE Classic 2 get me a better sound than a AKG C214? Can`t really tell by listening to youtube demos.

Will be using this on:
El gutiar
Nylon Guitar
Bass amp


Need some advice!:slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend this. While Classic II might be sound better than C214 (and definitely will sound different), it’s still quite similar to your C214: large-diaphragm condenser with high-frequency emphasis.

Why don’t you rather get something completely different:

  • High-end small-diaphragm omni mike (DPA, Earthworks, …) These are great for acoustic instruments and vocals.
  • High-end dynamic microphone (EV RE20, Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM7, …) These are great for amps and vocals.
    You might even get one of each classes for a price of Classic II.

Thx for advice! Also leaning towards the stick with c214! and spend the money on musicians and music video. Great microphone.