New midi controller is mapped to wrong stuff

Hi everyone, new to the forum. I tried searching but can’t really find anything about the problem i’m having.

I have been using cubase for a few years now, currently using cubase 7.5. I also have a virus ti synthesizer keyboard that I was using for the midi controller and its vst for all these years. I currently just bought a oxygen 25 midi controller as a second controller. I basically just want to use the oxygen controller for its 8 knobs it has. I have a fx track created with an eq on it. I am trying to automate a frequency band using one of the oxygens knobs with the quick control feature. I watched a video on how to learn all the knobs in the device menu/vst quick control area for my oxygen which I have done. However, when I am on the fx track, in the quick control area, I select the eq frequency band I want to automate, click learn and turn the first knob on my keyboard, but everytime I do this, it automatically starts turning the Filter knob on my virus ti vst. Actually every single knob I turn, they are all set somehow to the virus vst already, so it won’t let me set the knobs to yhe eq band im trying to set it at. I am not sure how to go about fixing this as I have everything already on midi input, oxygen 25, in the device setup menus. Any help is appreciated.