New Midi-Import-options: GM Program Changes not detected

First of all, big thanks and congratulations to the whole team! I am very grateful for the tireless work of the development team to make Dorico by far the best notation program on the planet. It is a great fun to work with! As a Dorico user since day one I am very impressed with the speed at which the program is developing into such a great tool.

Now my little problem regarding the new smart midi import:
for midifiles that contain no track names there is a new option to detect GM-Program-changes and translate them into instrument names in Dorico. But I can’t get this to work. Both Logic and Cubase load the right instruments, but not so in Dorico.
Is there something I overlook, or can anybody confirm this?

No, in general this does work fine. I have a bunch of old GM files from the heyday of MIDI file downloading that have no track names, and Dorico is correctly able to detect the instruments based on their program changes. Do you want to zip up and attach one or two MIDI files that you find don’t work as you expect?

Thanks Daniel. In the meantime I have solved the problem. The first time I opened such a midi file - where all tracks are named after the song and not after the instruments - the option “Use track memory” was activated, but the option “Use GM program changes to identify instruments” was deactivated. All tracks were set to “treble clef” and I imported the song. Then, when trying with another one, I discovered the option “Use GM…” but at this point the track memory was also active and called up the last setting where all tracks were set to treble clef.

Edit: I rejoiced too soon. The destination instruments are now correctly displayed in the import dialog but are not loaded in the project.

Edit 2: Now I found the solution for the not loading instruments problem also. I had to open the advanced editor and disable the “Use MIDI track names” checkbox".

Great, I’m glad you got there in the end. There are a lot of new capabilities in the new MIDI import workflow, and getting the right combination of settings is half the battle.

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