New midi track feature request


When making new midi tracks in Cubasis, it would be really nice if the instrument and midi routing setting were inherited from the previous midi track.

Today i was laying down some drums and perc with a drumkit on my S90es, maybe 10 tracks in all. For every time i added a new track, i had to set from default piano to “no instrument”, midi out to UR44 and midi channel to 2. Small but noticable flow/creativety breaker.

Everytime you make a new track, you properly don’t want the built in piano patch anyway, so i believe that inherit settings from previous, would be a nicer defualt behaviour, that would fit more use cases.


Btw. I’ve decided bury my initial disapointment and to give Cubasis another chance. It might not be perfect, but i think its the best best bet currently, for someone who wants a solid classic daw for midi use.

Hi Nenox,

Great to hear you’re with us…

Your request has been added to the list of feature requests.