New mix down window for 10 pro

Hi all, tried to do a mix down last night , highlighted the tracks as usual set the locators, did the mix down ,i noticed it didn’t create a stereo track as it did in previous versions and my folder of the song on the desktop was empty. The mix down window is totally different to what Iv’e been used to, is there a new way of selecting all of your stems or do you just highlight as usual. Thanks.

The mixdown window does seem more confusing but, it should work the same as prior versions. Try posting a screenshot of your mixdown window and maybe we can see what you missed clicking on.

Regards :sunglasses:

hi hope file is attached with one drum loop Thanks (97.4 KB)

So in the example you posted, a stereo “Test.wav” file should have been saved directly to your desktop (not to a song folder on the desktop). That is unless you changed some other settings in any of those drop downs that are not expanded in your screenshot.

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Hi Yes thanks for that it does go to the desktop but the folder is empty thanks