New Mix

Latest mix and have another one still tracking

Hi, really liked your tune, very catchy. Good vocals and harmonies. One thing I find could do with some improvement is that the different parts sound too much the same. I would try to enhance the chorus part somehow so that when it starts it really hits the listener.

Try this mix and let me know what you think

bit of a sixties sound goin on there…really liked it !!!..harmonies just sounded a bit brittle at this end…but being picky really, Kevin

Hi, I don’t have the original mix available anymore but it seems to me that you have reduced the volume of the backing guitars in the verses sligthly. I think this works good and brings out the vocals and the chorus parts stand out more. If you did not, then my memory has failed on me.

Also the verse beginning with just drums and bass and with that guitar feedback gives some nice variation between the parts. However, the guitar part seems to have been cut a bit abruptly: what if you had a drum break to accompany the guitar? Or another chance would be to add some kind of other bridge between these two parts. Or one more suggestion: what if the last chorus repeat was just vocals without drums, guitars and bass? These are just some ideas.

Did you also add those small string sections at the end - nice touch, I like this.

agree with shadowfax…harmonies are a bit too brittle…but nice job overall…like the song!

nice tune, i like it! :smiley:

I like it! Sounds a little 60’s to me too. Agree on the vocals, but not a major issue. One issue that’s major is that there’s a nasty ringing coming up in the “hey so blind” section, tom perhaps, compressor releasing or something? Maybe you could work on a little more variety in the drum parts. Overall, it’s really nice.