New Moniker

I am the artist formerly known as HarveyTitanium. From now on I shall be Mr. Beer.

We’ll drink to that!

Cheers! (literally!) :laughing:

haha … cheers for beers!

I’m lame and unimaginative for I kept my previous name. :wink:

Make mine a Rickards Red !

As I mistakenly found out, you can delete your forum account and create a new. Not exactly sure how I did it, but if you click enough buttons in your mysteinberg account, it is bound to delete something!

Unbeerlievable! :slight_smile:
To the new era, hicks !

Well, so did I… :astonished:

Ah, there’s something to be said for continuity you blokes!

I did toy with the idea of MarkTwo

Whatabout MarkOne mkII … :mrgreen:

OK, I’ll get my coat :blush: