New monitorboxes Adam T8V?


a (Music)colleague is looking for new active monitorboxes. Her room is to small for a subvoofer, so I‘m thinking about „Adam T8V“

Is there any alternative in this price segment?

Thanks for every hint!


The T8V generally gets good reviews - a good pick.
You have dozens of alternatives, but I don’t think this is the right forum for this debate.
I’ll just add that good room treatment will just as important, possibly including bass traps, especially if this is your focus.
Consider also mixing on headphones to tweak bass! Often snobbed or misunderstood… but a great tool, once mastered, and usually much preferable to a poorly treated room.

If the room is really small you should opt for a 6.5" woofer IMO. I had 8" and sold them as they were too much for this room. Room is treated as well. Room size is important.

Depending on the room size the TV7 may be a better choice. If you need that thump then the 8 will get ya there without a sub.

Check out these in addition to the T8V