New monitoring control for musicians (more cue sends + remote control app)

Still not addressed on 12.0.50.
Please vote for action! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think we can get it for free
I am very frustrated with the many old requests that don’t have any appreciation from developers
Although I see that it is not an additional advantage
It is a basic request and an important thing all DAWs is Unlimited cues

I hope to see great development in the development and design section

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I don’t have a problem with paid upgrades. This feature request will probably require a few people working and testing for a couple of months and those people should be paid for their work. And for that to happen, Steinberg needs cash coming in. It seems fair to me and is surely preferable to subscriptions models.

If you ask me if this feature should have been designed differently I would say yes. But since I don’t have all the information about how and why it was developed the way it was, I think it’s unfair to say they made it “incomplete” on purpose or because they didn’t put enough thought into it.

Fact is, Control Room is unique and no other DAW has anything like it, it just needs to be expanded. Other DAWs use normal AUX Sends to do this job (which Cubase can do as well), the only exception is Studio One, which handles Cue Sends in a pretty smart way, but lacks all other Control Room features.

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I came running to check the release notes for C 12.0.51 and…

nope, still not there

Please vote! :slight_smile:

Still not addressed in C 12.0.52 and we’re surely more than 12 interested in this.

Please vote! :slight_smile:

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: Wondering why until now why this feature has not been added
Is it difficult for developers to code?

Still not there on 12.0.70, let’s hope we have a chance with 12.5!

Please vote!

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Maybe in version 13… but I don’t think so (personally)

With enough votes we’ll get there so we all know what to do :slight_smile:

vote for what? so that they ignore? Like the last correction of errors, 4 or 5 and pay for the next one (to continue with the same and more errors, or am I wrong?) By this I mean that having limited votes is a sheer stupidity.

I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, mate, it’s nothing against you, I just share my frustration.

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I feel you, I am lucky to have a stable system that doesn’t get in the way, just a couple of UI bugs and that’s it. Regarding the voting system for feature requests, it works and Steinberg takes that into account when prioritizing efforts. It worked in the past and I believe it will happen again.

Hello?! Android Cubase IC Pro back from the dead?

It’s good to see Steinberg putting some effort back on this.


wow thank u Fernando

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Something’s happening, that’s for sure… let’s hope it’s the beginning of a new generation of remote control, monitoring system.

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i wish to see more cues in Cubase 13

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still not in cubase 13

Oh well… will have to wait more.

Some cool stuff on the new version, but no life changing stuff for me. Upgraded my Elements right away but will probably wait to upgrade the Pro.