New movements in middle of page

I am trying to write a solo piece, where new movements start in the middle of a page. What is the recommended way doing that, while still allowing to control page turns within movements?

I tried different approaches so far, but no success yet. Obviously, the different movements are represented in different flows. I first used Layout Options > Page Setup > New flows: Always start a new piece (without knowing so, as that seems to be the default). I could still start new movements on a page that also contained another movement by starting a new music frame mid-page and then unlinking the default MA frame chain (top-left corner of music frames). However, I then could not get rid of the default MA frame chain for that movement, which still automatically appeared afterwards, and so I had certain movements displayed twice in the piece, which is of course not what I wanted.

Looking for a solution I also explored this forum, where I then ran into the Layout Option New flows: Allow on existing page. However, with that option, I have now difficulties controlling frame/page breaks. If I want to force a certain new movement (which by by default happens starts on the last line of some frame/page) to start on a new page by using a frame break at the very end of the previous float/movement, then Dorico automatically adds an empty bar at the end of that previous movement.

So, what is the recommended way of starting movements mid-page, while still allowing to control page turns?

Thank you very much!


The Discover Dorico on Frames should have what you are looking for.

Brillant, thanks a lot. For creating a frame break at the end of a movement I instead needed to use Make into Frame.