New MR816 successor on the way??


I’ve heard some internet rumours flying around that the MR816 is due an update / successor fairly soon.
Is there any merit to such a rumour? Are steinberg planning any official announcements in the future?

Lastly, are there any big event shows in the summer where such an announcement could be made?

It would make sense what with Apogee and M-Audio releasing updates/successors to their hardwares recently…


And just at the point when I’m thinking of buying one, great! lol.

Holy c**p - I’ve got 5 MR816’s !

Better yet, will the legacy users get any kind of upgrade path?

LOL, upgrades are a software thing. Hardware not so much.

If they release a successor without fixing the issues the MR816 has which they have known about for years, I’ll be certain that I’ll never buy it. Not least because I know the new one will have issues which will never be fixed!

  • 1 on that.
    overal its a good product but needs some fixes.
    the intagration with cubase is nice but i think there are more important Features missing. as routhing, internal recording and multipile monitoring when using more then 1 MR.
    those features are exist on less quality products and even older products.

My 816 works better with Pro Tools than Cubase…frustrating…

Same here.

When something has been out a few years, not only do you get wary that the next new thing will be announced right after you buy but you also wonder how soon driver updates will stop, rendering your hardware useless on the next version of Windows.

Computer based audio gear has always been a suckers game! But dollar for dollar it kicks the butt of what we used to get in the ‘good old’ days of analog. Sure, your 16 track 1/2 inch or 8 track cassette probably still works ( unless there’s no tape…) but it sounded pretty bad, specially since no one could afford all the outboard we just plug in these days! Buy what you need to make music and have fun for as long as it lasts…

Or invest in a nice Gibson guitar… It’ll post a return on your investment in 20 years!

I’d like to think SB’/Yamaha would keep releasing drivers for the 816 for a while (M-Audio have done a great job with this over the years) and there’s no reason why they can’t. FireWire is a standard in all OS’s so it shouldn’t be a great strain. But neither company have a great track record in long term support. But, the level of communication I’ve seen in these forums and timely updates gives me hope…

We’ll see.


I’m also thinking about buying an MR816 to replace my black lion signature series modded 002R. Avid’s asio drivers basically don’t work (direct monitoring does not work) so I am in the market for something else. I am a little hesitant to pull the trigger on a MR816 when there might be something new just around the corner. As well the Black Lion unit does sound incredible so I’m a little worried that whatever I get won’t match the sound quality that I am accustomed to. However, I would trade a little sonic quality for a unit that works as it should and with low latency. I’m hoping that Steinberg not only improves the overall audio quality (although it’s already pretty good) and adds hybrid connectivity.

I hope not soon anytime, I just have bought 1 month ago the mr816x, if I’d know this I would have waited :imp: :smiling_imp: :imp: :smiling_imp: