new Mr816x Hiss even in headphones

Hello all,

I just received my mr816 and got it all hooked up. I am getting a very noticeable hiss in the speakers and headphones.

If it was a gain staging issue it should not show up in the headphone outputs also should it?

I was running a M audio fast track pro with no problems at all.

Any suggestions?

Core i7 902
8 gigs ram
win7 64bit

Thanks all,


hey all,

I just installed the 1.10 firmware update and everything is good now. Very quite even on max gain.

Hope this might help someone.


I also have a very noticeable hissing issue and the weird thing is I don’t think it was there before! Only after I had to struggle to get the card to work after it stopped working when I updated the BIOS it appeared. This is starting to be very annoying. I have the latest firmware installed.

Steinberg told me reinstalling the firmware will damage the card and I am not sure if I reinstalled the firmware update when I was trying to get this thing to work and now I am paranoid if I broke my MR. Although I cannot see how the reinstallation would cause the hissing problem to appear.

Is there a possibility the card is somehow damaged? Is a hiss a typical symptom of a faulty soundcard?

Ps. The headphones do not hiss almost at all. Only a very slight hiss when you boost up the volume all the way up.

Hello Anotimos,

As I have mentioned you before, when you contacted Steinberg support.
If the hiss appeared when you updated the bios, it could be possible that you also need to update the firmware of your PCI firewire card!
Also please test your MR with another computer and see if the problem persist, then you will know for sure if it is a problem with the MR or your computer.

Best Regards,