New music style: KNOBTURNING


I thought of a new music style today, called KNOBTURNING.

you let the music flow for minutes and minutes and start turning your midi controller knobs.

Only knobbing is allowed once all tracks and loops are set up.

cool hey?

an example is here:

that is me.

Aloha I,

Interesting approach.

Are your ‘k-turns’ written into automation?

Good Luck!

This would be cheating! :laughing:


So I guess we won’t be ‘scoring’ this for Edith Bunker to play as sheet music eh? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ROTFL :laughing:

You invented knobturning, eh? Go tell that to Brian Eno.


I just invented a round thing that will revolutionise transportation. I like to call it “the wheel”. I will upload a youtube video of it when I get chance (The idea came to me one evening when I was sat staring into my other latest invention, which I like to call “fire”)

That’s nice, but when will you get around to inventing something really good … like beer? :mrgreen:

Sorry, but that is MY invention!




Yeah, I’m pretty sure “knob turning” is nothing new … :unamused: .

Seriously, OP … I couldn’t even bring myself to watching your video. If you think “real time” electronic music making is something new, then I can only assume you were born too late to appreciate the pioneers of the genre.

I think you should expand upon your “invention” into sub-genres like knob yanking or knob jerking …

Boom-Chicka-Wah-Wah! Boom-Chicka-Ooomph!

Seriously, I think you are trying to pull my knob. And I’m not sure I feel comfortable with that … :smiley: .

P.S. I like beer, it makes me a jolly good fellow …

Okay, out of respect I tried watching your youtube video. I made it about 25 seconds. Please tell me it gets better once you start “turning the knobs” …

I like some creative electronic music as much as I like some raw old Robert Johnson or Hank Williams, but jeeez … not a good beginning. And over 20 minutes of it? I couldn’t stick around to hear the rest. I have a limited data plan … :slight_smile: .

Or my wife!

knob turning and butt shaking!!!git down!

I actually thought that this thread was going to be sarcastic, i.e. the OP went and saw a show where he was bored because the performers were just standing there turning knobs.


BTW a damned good recording - with live band and live choir - probably postrecording in a studio afterwards… :wink:


The OP is obviously not familiar with Stockhausen.

I’ve been KNOBTURNING since I was about 13 …


You ever seen the “DJ’s” at a typical rave? A bunch of 15 year olds dancing hysterically and turning a knob every few seconds. Lol at what modern live music has come to

it is somewhay different and interesting to set your mixer levels up to knobs - as opposed to faders. More like live mixing or creating music on the fly, much fun and, the technique is more like djing than typical mixing Imo.