New November 2.2 font update


A new update to the November 2 font is available here
The Dorico highlights of this version are:

  • more than a hundred of new glyphs
  • a better compatibility for Dorico (no more annoying little place holder squares! :sunglasses: )
  • Also, Dorico 2.2.10 includes an important fix (thanks Daniel!) when switching to a third party font such as November 2: the metadata values are now taken into account with full precision (stem or staff thickness, for instance).

This is a free update for existing customers :wink: . If you are a November 2 customer already, you should have received an email with the link and user/password. If you have not, please email about it.


Robert, thank you for your work on this beautiful font. I’ve used it for several years now.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the feasibility of integrating Medieval with Dorico!

Oh me too. Pretty please?
If I had Medieval in Dorico my professional arsenal would be complete. I suppose Dorico needs to support 4 staff lines first.

Well, I will have to talk with Daniel, I suppose! (and we have already chatted about it…)
Seriously, Medieval is not just a font, it’s a whole program within the program, so no, not super easy at all…
It pretty much depends on how the scripting/plugin capability expands in Dorico I would say.
We’ll see…


Well done, Robert!

Just one thing: I think the metadata file for Dorico should just be named “november2.json”, not “november2_metadata.json”.

Robert, what you have done with Medieval2 is so amazing. I realize that it is not as easy as snapping your fingers to migrate it… (if only it were that easy!) The fact that you created that very slick interface to allow such easy transcription is precisely what makes it such a valuable tool. I have genuinely contemplated purchasing finale strictly to run your plugin. I just find myself so averse to that software after a decade in the other camps that I can’t bring myself to do it. I would, however, buy Medieval for Dorico the very day it was released. We’ve discussed on the forum once before that there seems to be a renaissance (pun intended) of sorts with Chant in liturgical circles and it seems to be gaining speed (you probably know better than I do). There are a surprising number of new editions of chant being published, many newly typeset through cumbersome means. I use chant every single week with my choir and would love to be able to incorporate new scores into the work that we do. (I’d also like to compose new works with neums.). As of yet, I’m holding off because it’s just so much extra work and I find the other tools not worth my time. Godspeed on this!

@benwiggy: you’re welcome! In 2.2 (but also 2.1 I do believe), the metadata are indeed named “november2.json” (in /Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts/November2/). Perhaps you have an old version of November2 installed?.. Please report anything weird in 2.2 about it.

@romanos401: thank you for being so enthused about Medieval2! To be honest Medieval for Dorico will not happen in a easily foreseeable future…
But if you really love the concept, I would of course suggest (no unapprop advertisement intended at all…) to go ahead and purchase Finale+Medieval. By the way, Medieval 2.2 (for Finale of course) will be released in April 2019, with 2 new fonts: ‘Machault’ (with a look closer to Ars Nova than Solesmes…) and SaintGall (antic staffless neumes that are traditionally written above the 4-line staff in plain-chant music), and the ability to mix different styles in the same document.


Well, that’s good to know. I wasn’t expecting anything too soon… I remember reading a little snippet a year or two ago where you had mentioned that there was a lot more that needed to happen in the back-end of Dorico for things to work well and that they just weren’t there yet developmentally. That said, perhaps, since Finale just updated, and you are about to update your plugin, April would be a good time. (Happy Easter to me?)


The new v2.2 comes with a file named “november2_metadata.json”. However, your installer script does change the name when it copies it.

Hmmm… I’ve always admired your work. Perhaps it’s time for me to be a November customer.

I’m happy with Medieval2 in Finale for the time being. It works quite well as I prepare for a project I have planned for 2020.

Dorico is another tool in a big SnapOn chest for making music but it ain’t the only one.

Ah! I see, that’s the file that is in the “Fonts” folder that is available by convenience inside the November 2 folder that is installed in the home directory.
It is harmless indeed, since it is copied and renamed correctly, but it should be named just November2.json, you’re right!

Thanks! I’m glad to hear you have enjoyed Medieval2. It’s always fulfilling to know about projects made with the tools I create (I have seen amazing results… I couldn’t even think it was possible to get there!) - Is is something that will be publically released?


Thanks for the post, dear Robert.
I sent an email to klemmhotline, since I have not received anything from them today. I’m looking forward to see the new features you’ve added!


And thanks from me, too. I’m in the same boat as Marc - haven’t heard from Klemm Music so I emailed them a few hours ago. No response, yet.

I still have my user and password from the previous update. Changing the relevant bit of the filename of the previous download to “2.2” downloaded the correct files.

Dear Ben,
Thanks! It does work indeed!

The recording, yes. The score? It hadn’t occurred to me before you asked but, if the project grows legs, then absolutely. I’m using Medieval2 along with standard notation to help my singers learn plainsong. Not all of us have retired from our day gigs in the music industry so this is going to take awhile. In the mean time, I am having fun with it and my friends are learning a lot.

I had sent an inquiry about buying a license for Medieval a few years ago to run with an old copy of Finale on legacy hardware but was declined. This is much better!

Keep up the good work.

Congratulations on the excellent (as always) work!

Hi Marc,
you can just use the same login/pw and link as from the last 2.0 or 2.1 update if you have it in your email folder.
The “new” file has the same name and has been updated.

Have you seen my #15 post? Anyway, thanks for the tip, it’s exactly what Ben suggested me in #14 :joy:

I would love to buy this fonts but I don’t have a credit card, only a normal bank card and PayPal. Is there another website where I can use PayPal?