New November 2.2 font update

May be easier to buy a prepaid visa or mc… see or

Klemm Music provide old-school payment options, such as prepayment and direct debit. Just email them explaining the situation.

Seems to break tempo markings?

They dissappeared when I tried changing the music font to November2 and don’t reappear if I go back to Bravura (But oddly DO show up with Petaluma)

Did you update to 2.2.10? If so, did you restart after updating?

Any font changes require a restart.

Hi to all,

An issue was reported with “+” symbol in composite time signature in this version.
It has been fixed and we have just updated the November 2.2 installer, so please, Dorico users, redownload the zip file and reinstall November 2!
Sorry for the inconvenience, but at least it has been fixed quickly! :wink:

NB: it doesn’t affect other platforms (Finale etc.)


Thanks Robert,
but the Version that is now available at Klemm for Download via the Link is 2.10 rather then the updated 2.2 !!!


You’re right, there still seems to be a problem with the version currently available, although it is definely tagged 2.2, not 2.1! This is not the latest release candidate intended.
We’ll have to wait until the end of the week-end I suppose in order to solve this out, and I will let you know as soon as this is fixed!


Hello Robert,
i used the link from the very first v2 purchase mail (the one with log/pw); with it you are led to 2.10
Filename there:

And then i have a mail promoting a free 2.1 update; with it you are led to 2.2
Filename is:

I think you have some serious problems with the naming scheme and your links.
Hope to have it fixed soon :wink:


Ok, Robert, thanks for the information — and for fixing this so fast!

Hi again, dear Dorico users!

The server problem has been finally fixed thanks to the quick action from my publisher Klemm Music Technology. So you may download the archive from this link again:
(contrary to what I said, please do not use the old urls, as you will simply get the old files!)

Sorry for the inconvenience, but were are confident that this is a solid release!

Robert, that link doesn’t quite work! It’s got the Steinberg Forum URL at the front of it.

I’ve fixed Robert’s link, thanks to my super moderator powers.

I’ve been eyeing this font for years! Going back to my days using Finale. The cost, and my personal usage prevented me from using it back then. Today, I decided to go ahead and purchase the font, since I have both the money and possible the use.

I am having an issue though. What I see on the screen and what I print are 2 different things.

Here is the screen:

Here is the printed page:

Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong? I installed the font using the font installer. I am on Mac OS X (10.14.2), Dorico 2.2.10. My printer is HP Laserjet 400 color M451dn.


I hesitate to ask, but… Did you restart after installing?

Hi Robby,

This is really strange indeed.
Yes, as Dan suggested, let us see if restarting helps (a font cache issue?.. But in any case, this is “puzzling”!)


Initially I did not restart.

Now I restarted, and it is still the same thing.

Any other thoughts?


If it matters…

I of course have Petaluma installed, along with MTF-Cadence. So a total of 4 SMuFL fonts, and November2 is the only one that acts that way.


Here is another picture taken, of a different piece.

This has a key signature of 2 sharps, and you can see that it looks like two faint hand drawn note heads with the sharp symbol visible where the 2 sharps would normally go. Along with a faint handwritten F clef.


Just for fun, I tried seeing if Finale did anything differently, and it did not.

Here is the example.

On screen:

Printed page:


(I just printed a page to a HP laserjet 1102W from within Dorico 2.2: no problem.)

What happens when you save as pdf, and then print the page from the pdf?
Trying to understand, as I have never come across such a weird situation before.
Has anyone else seen this?..