New Nuendo Live single-window = Cubase 7 single-window too?

Wavelab already became single windowed as well as Halion 4.

What do you think? will Cubase 7 be the next one?


Do you think this Nuendo Live will replace the theoretical Nuendo 6?

Yeah, and it comes with a Yamaha CL console included as mixer…

That’s only true depending on your definition of ‘single window’. Wavelab now has 1. Control window, 2. Wave edit window, 3. Montage window, 4. Batch process window, and even more. This, coming from what I call a single window: Wavelab is one window with tabs for either wave edit or montage, etc. Not leaning towards one or the other (though it took a hell of a long time getting used to), but there’s ‘single window’ in many shapes…

What I mean with single window, is a spliteable window where you can create portions and put different tools on each one. Of course also possible with multiple-independent windows, Just like Halion 4 and Wavelab 7. I own both and I really like that way, specially Halion 4 (if it only were MUCH faster…).

I hope not.

Wavelab is a dog’s dinner, UI-wise. 7 is awful - I really don’t like using it, (I bought WL elements 7) - so much so that I avoid doing so for many tasks now.

I regularly use Premiere and I hate the way the UI works - it’s really frustrating at times and nowhere near as good as a proper windowed interface.

What Cubase needs is the windows fixed, not replaced. Most of it appears to be straightforward - stopping the “always on top” war that how happens, making editors and the project window work properly and remember their set sizes, but I guess it’s a case of “leave it bug-ridden for a while, and then when we make it into a flat UI, everyone will be relieved and think this is the only solution”.

That sounds awfully restrictive, if I’m understanding correctly.

For instance, sometimes I’ll have the score editor sized to show a page about A4 size, with the key editor mostly visible at the same time, and the arrange page also mostly visible - both the latter might be partly obscured by the score window, but are easily seen complete by clicking on them. They don’t have to be squeezed into the space remaining next to the score page. Or, if I switch for a while to having two or three edit-in-place tracks, I can easily temporarily increase the size of the arrange page. Or close the score to see the other windows fully.

From what you describe, it seems like I’d have to allocate fixed rectangles to each of those three “windows”, and not have the fluidity to quickly re-configure the screen space whenever I wanted to. Is that right?

Can I at least assume that the way the screen is split into portions would be saved with each project file?

My Cubase window is sometimes almost completely filled with various “sub-windows” (including the mixer, the VST rack, VI windows, FX windows, the notepad, the CPU meter, etc) all carefully slotted in where there’s space, or (if there are too many to fit in the screen) all having a piece visible to click on to bring them to the front. If I had to create a rectangle to put each of those in, there’d be a lot of time wasted in doing so - and also screen space wasted, if each portion did have to be rectangular (ie not allowing a small rectangle to overlap the edge of a bigger one).

If that’s how it would work, I think I’d hate it. Possibly wouldn’t upgrade.

I wonder if Steinberg will ask users how they like using the Cubase window, before making drastic changes that might ruin Cubase for many of us.