New One - Basic Tracks

Here’s a new one we’re working on. A quick mix after last night’s lead vocal recording.
Would love a real keys player to contribute to this. Lay something in the background and come up with a real hooky solo part as well… .anyone interested?

Nice composition.
I could comment on the mix but judging by the quality it already has and that it’s a rough mix I think yourself know what to improve. To have a keyboardplayer on it could well work, but what I really mis is some beatles like vocal harmonies!

Great vocals though.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks Dylan. You are correct about the mix being rough in this stage BUT I am curious to hear your recommendations as if this was FINAl just so I know my mental notes are close or same as yours.

Okay…So I just throw my thoughts here on the board:

the vocal is a bit ‘on top of the mix’ not in terms of volume, but it doesn’t sit in, so it looses a bit energy. I think case of dynamics.
toms maybe a bit muffled but that is taste I think. I would roll of the bottom a bit. I think on a big pa system the toms will get worse.
in my opinion it’s bassically a drum and bas mix, especially around 2.00, then the acoustic guitar and the dampened electric guitar are not really present, on that spot you could ride it more upfront, but that could also be resolved with an additional piano as you mentioned earlier.
around 3.00 it seems the track wants to lift off in a grand smashing rock end, and that is not entirely happening. Don’t know if that is a mix thing or the way it’s played.
-edit- the snare sometimes get really thin and TACK!..How did you miked that up? With one mike?

These are all easy modifications, the foundation is really good, I think it’s a breeze to mix this piece to the next level.

Greetz Dylan.

Yep we are on the same page!

The drums actually are Superior Drummer 2.3 being triggered by my Roland eKit so it’s a matter of mixing/eq’ing the MIDI performance.

I have superior drummer 2.0, really, my god imberrasing that I thought those were real, or a big compliment for Toontrack hahaha. (or your performance)
Well then it’s easy, just more bottomsnare to it.
Did you use the internal Sonalksis compressor on it?

Greetz Dylan.

Yes I used the Toontracks compressor and EQ on the kit. What I sometimes do, and I will probably do this, is route the individual superior drummer sounds to Cubase and eq/process from there. Was that what you were going to suggest? :slight_smile:

No not really, the build in Sonalksis plugins are excellent, The Cubase compressor can’t pump like that at all.

Hmm so you recommend mixing within the SD 2.0 application then?

Well, I really enjoyed that and the rest of them too. Real individual little tunes there, nice changes and quirky bits, very catchy and well played. Nice one, guys! Good luck with them. I’m almost tempted to offer to have a go on the keys for you, although I’m on the wrong side of the pond for you. I can hear piano, EP and organ, just been having a jam along, what’s your poison?

And yes to the harmonies too!

Hey thanks for the feedback Crotchety. Being across the pond shouldn’t be an issue! I can send you the 2 channel mp3 so you can play along. Just send me the individual files back :slight_smile:

you got a good hook in there…definitely needs harmonies…

No recomendations, I think both can work out fine.
When I use Superior drummer I mostly print the dry tracks with the build in bounce tool.

Ok but only on condition that you don’t have to like it - I promise I won’t be offended, what works is a very personal thing. So, piano, EP or organ…? (Looks like you can attach files to PMs so let’s try it that way.)

Thanks Crotchety! Any chance you can do all 3 so I can pick and choose?
Maybe send MIDI performance so I can pick sounds from my own library?

You haven’t heard it yet… :wink:

Again basic tracks but incorporated Sir Dancelot’s suggests in this version.

Nice tune, nice singing! It does sound like Superior to me; not a big fan of that snare sound, but I don’t know what to suggest… never could figure out Superior myself! Same for the kick and the toms to be honest.

What I like about SD 2.0 is that many of the kits available are and when mixing is like micing a real kit. It gives you flexability to manicure a sound of your choice. Because of they are so dry, you really need to know what your doing to get a good sound and I too struggle often in doing that from song to song. Obviously there is room for improvement with this but I am still tracking. I guess I should state that when it comes to the final mix, we will try to make this sound more like early 80’s Squeeze, Boomtown Rats or early Elvis Costello production. I will have to go back and study those productions as a reference.

I was thinking B52s… (Not had that mp3 yet, is that deliberate? Don’t worry, no rush at this end.)