"New one" - braunie

Actually it is not…this is something I made a year-a-so ago when I was testing C5. This is kind of a mixture between traditional Finnish folk song and Iron Maiden. Or something like that…it was made for a lullaby for my children long time ago and I just re-used the melody…

all the comments are again more than appreciated,


DL or stream here :


The intro threw me of!

I really expected David Coverdale to kick in :slight_smile: .
And once I was accustomed to the folkesque style you threw me off again with the Ironmaiden bit!

It’s not the sort of music I regulary listen to but kudos for the bizar fusion, very bold.

Cool, braunie. Only nit is those clackers in the second part.

Are the lyrics in the folky part the same as in the second, just translated?

Hiya Braunie. Acoustic part sounds great, good vox, good choice of verb, just about right I’d say :sunglasses:
The electric bit sounds very vague, needs more separation. Can’t hear the kit too clearly. Geetars sound great but overpower everything else.


Agree. I’d pan them out of the way and drop the level a notch or two.

This song is having a bit of an identity crisis - doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be! :laughing:
It’s OK though… certainly has that surprise factor. I reckon the last section needs to be ‘fatter’.

Maybe as Phils says:

Performances were good and apart from a few things the mix is nearly there.

Hi Braunie

Sounds pretty good to me except for a couple of nits. In the loud section before the rocking guitars come in there seems to be some slight timing issues between some of the drum hits, bass etc.

I’d say the guitars and bass may be a bit too loud too :blush: but it sure does rock. :sunglasses:


Hiya !

and thanks for the comments and suggestions !!!

-> Sir Dancelot - we were not able to close the deal with Dave so that’s why he’s not doing this :wink: Thanks !

-> mashedmitten - yes, the lyrics are about the same but translated. Clackers…I wanted to have something they have in trad. Irish folk songs but I didn’t know what…quest continue…samples they are of course.

-> Mr. Cheese - I was in my quest to get that Steve Harris bass thing…and yes, it might be bit overdone with bass & guitars.

-> Ian - I’ll definately try your advice 'bout panning those clackers and dropping few deb’s. Identy crisis…well…that does reflect myself then so it is spot on :wink: To be honest, it was funny when I played this raw mix to my kids. They said that as a lullaby it is really nice until those guitars kick in…the kid you have trying to sleep will definately wake up at that point - daddy, why don’t you start with this heavy part and then let the song fall asleep - do it other way around. (kids 12 and 9 years old). Good point :wink:

-> Sir Dave - yup, it’s me playing drumkit, no programming…and I’m not a drummer…did quant some but didn’t want to kill the feel…I wil try to tighten’ my playing up for the next version. BTW…I’m cooking and I have Dave Smith playing / singing background :slight_smile: Burnout at the moment :slight_smile:

Many thanks to all of you. All of yer comments are more tan appreciated as allways.

Keep rocking - thanks,


Love it!

Maiden = \m/ :sunglasses: \m/

Hope you dont mind me sayin this, but I’d love to have a go at doing the bass on this.
Nothing wrong with the bass you’ve already got in the song, its just that…
I got a Steve Harris sig bass for my B/day in August, and would like to hear it in something Heavy! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just as an ‘out of interest’ thing really, no need to post the results! :wink:


A very enjoyable listen and a nice recording.
The guiro(?) sounds a bit loud, or whatever that thing is.

Nice guitar and drums.

Good stuff!

Heh nice, the contrast is great and the transition is quite well done imo :slight_smile:

Very cool stuff Braunie.
If I have to say one thing: strange how close we live together and still Finnish and Norwegian is like African and Chinese

Thumbs up