New or improved TestGenerator

The current TestGenerator is virtually unusable for producing consistent white noise. White, pink, and brownian noise produce extraneous audio and pitched artifacts detracting from the broad bandwidth noise. Brownian noise can also produce random clicks or pops.

A key tell here is to record and then loop a 5-10 seconds of each noise type. Within a few short passes, you should be able to reliably pick out the artifacts as within a loop they will create an audible rhythmic pattern.

After extensive listening test, I can confirm these unwanted pitched artifacts are not present in other online generators, and have migrated this portion of my project over to Logic Pro X, where it’s “Signal Generator” plug-in works as expected.

I know you’re asking for a built-in solution. But for now, there are usable free alternatives: mda’s “TestTone” generator covers all the basics in one very economic plug-in. MeldaProduction’s “MNoiseGenerator” and “MOscillator” will fill in the rest. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Dietz.

I will revisit the mda plugs, as I was under the impression they were stuck at 32 bit. (On second look, I see they’ve been updated for 64 bit)

However, neither of the solutions you mentioned can create Brownian noise.

Well, there’s always this fancy little gadget: ->


Thanks for the tip. However, using Nuendo’s eq & frequency spectrum display I was able to alter the Logic Pro pink noise file to closely match a brownian sample I downloaded from the 'net.

Anyway, the point of the thread is Steinberg really needs to fix or replace the TestGenerator plug. It’s noise output is severely flawed.