New PadShop Pro/Retro with VST/Au support.

Very interesting…Au support from Steiny/Yama

Retro seems to be the same product but now with Au support
I’ll give the new PadShop Pro a whirl and report back.


Just took a look at the lineup of VST on

All of them support AU.

Why do you make this statement?

Please, forgive this PC user for my lack of knowledge.

Compatibility (perhaps) with DAWs that prefer AU, such as legacy versions of Digital Performer, Logic… (I think)

Excellent, I can now use both these synths with Ableton live, the Padshop pro add-on is well worth having too.

How much more (cubase 6.5 users) for Padshop Pro?

Ten aussie which is about the same in US .


Yes, it’s €10 as well.