new pan control takes up too much space?

Anyone else finding the new pan control takes up a lot more space compared to the old one. I don’t see the logic of making the pan window bigger if you still can do a pop-up window… This is ESPECIALLY noticeable for surround panning. (which, IMO, had a better “click and pop” control behavior)

I liked the old mixer’s (surround) pan window better. Please bring it back.

(Just on a quest to fit as many controls on the new mixer as I could the old one…)

I’m using Stereo Combined Panner almost always. So I like, it’s bigger. In older Cubase, it was so tiny for me.

LOL one person likes it another doesn’t. These are the kind of challenges I’m sure Steinberg gets frustrated with, because you just simply can’t make everyone happy. Its impossible. I’ve learned to simply deal with the changes I don’t like because most are minimal (this is a perfect example, the size of the panner, seriously?), and get on with making music. I have more likes then dislikes with the new Cubase 7 so I’m very happy with it, in fact I’m more then just happy with it, I’m thrilled.

+1 and well said.

So…the Mixer panner is an improvement? I beg to differ.

On occasion, I like to use the Stereo Combined version to create a mono image so I can shift the mono image left or right.

So try this:

Type “c” as numerical entries into both sides (because you will not be able to do this with a mouse) and then click/drag the resulting sliver and try and shift it left or right. Notice anything?

Now try this in C6.5

Hadn’ t you posted a thread because you wanted the surround panner as standard, because in your opinion “it gives a better representation of what the streo field looks like”?

Yes I did, however put on your “Thinkingcap” and remember I was also NOT complaining about anything, I wasn’t complaining about any changes made for Cubase 7 at all. I simply SUGGESTED they ADD that type of panner as a feature to choose from. If I they don’t add it I don’t really care I can get along fine with the current panner. I’m still rolling on and making music more then happy with Cubase 7. A panner does not make or break my ability to make great music in Cubase. Do you really think I would complain about something as trivial as a panner? Give me a little more credit then that. Geeeesh.

hmmm ! think i go for a different angel here,
i find the pan size OK and i mean really ok the main bone of contention for me is the on/off button … it sometime happens that i inadvertently turn the thing off when i want to pan from the hard left position inwards to the right … grrrrrrrrrrrrrr …
just my take on this …

The OP is comparing the new one to the old one and wanting a different layout, just as you. His thread is worded as a question, and I´m sure his suggestion also was to ADD the old look.
And I´m sure, the OP will also just as you work with the panner though he doesn´t like.
And yes, one can complain about such a “trivial” (which may not be “trivial” to everyone else) thing like a panner, if it takes up a lot of unnecessary space and has lost some features, as you can see from Weasel´s post. And the fact that this doesn´t concern you, does not mean it doesn´t concern anyone.

that´s the main problem!
it´s a very bad idea to layer functions on top of other (then invisible!!) functions

I particularly dislike the on/off button, very strange idea, and I do find the whole pan area a bit large… Just my opinion.


Again, to reitterate, this is most noticeable with the surround panner. Make excuses all you want, but it’s easily quite larger than the old one, with the advantages being questionable at best. What’s more, if you drag your fader section up to create longer fader throws, the surround fader introduces a whole chunk of unused, blank space which takes up crucial real estate in the mixer.

Check out my screen shot. Hardly an efficient use of space, not matter how you cut it…
Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 8.20.10 PM (2).jpg

Then they’ll change it and someone will complain that’s its to small. LOL


Best thing I have read for quite a while now.

and BTW
Same here.
It took a couple of months but I am finally starting to ‘feel’ C7.

Well, apparently either

  1. Most commenters here don’t use the surround panner, so they believe this is a non-issue

  2. Recent commenters did not bother to look at my screen shot.

    Hey, I know C7 is pretty new, and I do believe the strengths currently outweigh problems like this, but how can you possibly expect Steinberg to improve on it if nobody brings up issues beyond the show-stoppers? Is this how you produce music?? Get it until it’s “good enough” or just “listenable” and then move on??


LOL I did look at your screen shot, I just don’t have an issue with it, that’s actually the panner I like!!! That’s the problem here, what one person likes someone else won’t and will complain that it should get changed. Then the person that did like it will complain “hey why did you change that??!?! Damn you Steinberg!!!”. Its like a never ending cycle of never being able to please anyone, and everyone complaining because they can’t.

ughhhhh… I’m not trying to be a dick, definitely not my intention.

Unless its something that completely defies logic learn to work with it, you would surprised at how quickly the average human simply adapts to small things like this and before you know it its simply a part of your work flow.

I do agree with you though that they could simply cut that panner in half and get rid of all the empty space below the actual panning space. That does seem to be a waste of GUI space. We are though, at this point splitting hairs.