New Paragraph Style doesn't obey default

In Application Preferences, my Default Text Font Family is set to Kepler Std.
In Font Styles, my Default Text Font is set to Kepler Std.
In Paragraph Styles, my Default Text font is set to Kepler Std.

However, when I create a new Paragraph Style, it ‘defaults’ to Academico.

If I change the “Parent” of the Style to “Default”, then all the settings remains as they were, but overridden with all the switches on.

Yep, this happens for me too. It would be great if Dorico could use the Preferences/General font for any newly created styles. I would imagine most users are only tweaking a few settings if they are selecting a parent style, so it would be faster to not have any overrides and let the user select the settings that need to be overridden from the parent.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see about changing this in future.