New Patches/Multis for Halion/Sonic 7?

Hi All

This is my first time with Halion- is there a way of seeing just the new content (patches/Multis) for V7? I have found the FM Lab patches- but what about the multi-layered/multi patches that show of the new features (modulations, spectral etc)?

Hi @Sean_Clarke !
The new sounds are all inside the FM Lab and the Tales vstsound containers. So if you installed those, that’s it.
We have not prepared any new multis, as most people use an instance per track these days.
The spectral oscillator kinda demonstrates itself, just throw a sample at it or sample/resample a sound.
We might add some spectral oscillator content in the future, as it was requested frequently. Right now there is no ETA.
I hope you enjoy exploring HALion 7 like that :slight_smile:

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Thank you for responding- can I suggest as many people will be demoing Halion for the first time that you create a ‘best of’ or dedicated new Halion 7 bank to really show off what Halion is capable of with the new instruments and modulation systems- especially when combined in layers which is Halions true strength.