NEW PC also used for DAW

i want to buy a new main pc, that i use for daily work and regulary also for cubase (non professional)

I talked with some experts (no DAW and audio experts, just PC experts) and they recommanded me this setting:

Ryzen 9 5900x
MSI b550 Tomahawk motherboard
Dark Rock 4 pro
32gb Crucial Ballistix3600
1TB 970 Evo
550W Seasonic Focus power
Silent Base 600
1660Super KFA2 graphics

Does anybody see issues with this build up? Is 32 GB sufficient or should I for 64GB RAM?
I have usally small projcects with 6-7 instances of amplitube and 1-2 addictive drums and 1-2 synth…

I also play daily guitar on this set up with ZOOM UAC-2, so a low latency set up is appreciated :wink:.

I am still very critical about Ryzen for Cubase. Even though their application is proved when it comes to audio production. My sorrows might be unfounded, the 5900x certainly is a very nice CPU. Good choice to cool it with the double tower.

I just strongly advise you to make sure that the OS, software, all libraries and the project files lie on a PCIe Nvme-SSD. NOT on a SATA disk!

Thats all. Have fun with your new PC!

Hi, thanks for the Feedback.
The CPU is the main point i am worrying about…But the more i think the more i prefer the 10850. which is about 10-20% less performant in benchmarks, but also 100€ cheaper and i am more sure to have no troubles…
Would you think it is a better idea to go for 10850?

Just out of curiosity: What would it take for you to think that you either would have troubles with an Intel CPU or not have troubles with an AMD CPU?

Yes this is a good point. I would also take the 10850K if I went with Intel.

But after all I read about AMD and Cubase… I think I would just buy a 3950X and be happy. The reason why I wait for Rocket Lake is

  1. PCIe 4.0
  2. No video card needed if I go with Intel

Overall AMD is just as stable as Intel with Cubase I guess. So many people write they have no issues with Ryzen and Cubase.

Furthermore, if I were you, I would spend the 100 bucks more and buy 64 GB of RAM.