New PC and Cubase upgrade - Path?


I just purchased a new Win7 PC (Creation Station) to replace my old XP one, and an Upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase 7. I’m looking for the recommended upgrade path for Cubase when you have a new PC AND a new version of Cubase.

Do I need to completely deinstall Cubase from the old PC?

Do I need to install Cubase 5 on the new PC and then apply the upgrade, or can I start with the Cubase 7 upgrade disk?

Will the license dongle work on the new PC, or do I need to uninstall it from the old one first?

Please forgive me if this has all been posted before - I looked but didn’t see anything. I’ll be glad to look at whatever links/advice anybody offers.


You don’t have to do anything on your old PC (except transfer old projects n stuff like that).
All you have to do is install the latest version of the eLCC application, and then use your upgrade code to upgrade your cubase 5 license to cubase 7.
You can install Cubase 7 straight from the 7 disc. After this, you can still use Cubase 5 on your old PC, just by plugging the dongle in that PC!

Thanks! That’s very good news - sounds like it’ll be easier than I anticipated. Appreciate your reply!

Yes, you can use any version of Cubase on any pc, as long as you have a license for that version or higher.
As for the switching, that’d probably work as well, but a splitter I’m not so sure off. That would probably be against the EULA anyway.