New PC and unregistered Nuendo copy

Hey guys,

I’ve finally ordered a Mac Studio and have a copy of Nuendo 11 I never registered. Does anyone know if I would be eligible for a free upgrade to version 12 or possibly 13 if it gets release soon? Or would that require me to pay for an update after I register my elicenser?

Usually, you get a free upgrade when you buy a version and the new one comes out within X amount of days after. Not sure how many days grace Steinberg has.

I can’t imagine that because you can’t unlock an N12 or N13 with the N11 license. The purchase was certainly too long ago for that. Therefore the grace period of 6 weeks no longer applies.
You will need to contact support to see if there is an exception for you.

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If you have a license you did not activate, when you activate it you get the current version. Plain and simple. (registration does not refer to Steinberg Licenses)

It’s the other way around, actually. Starting on some date prior to the release of a new version, licenses which are activated are automatically updated to the current license. There is no expiration for grace periods.

Look up Grace Period on the support site to verify and for more info

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Thanks Steve that’s good know. So perhaps I better wait a few more weeks in case Nuendo 13 drops.