New PC Build...moving from Mac

My Macbook Pro recently died, and I never going back to Mac as they dont support spareparts, and the new prices are insane for what you get. Mac has outperformed its role.

I am going with i7 9700k processor and Z390 motherboard…

But cant find out what Z390 to choose.

I am currently using RME UFC Fireface.

How is thunderbolt 3 with the Z390? Should it be PCIe or TB header?
I dont want to go with a motherboard that dont support TB3 beacuse I want my new PC to be futureproof.

Comments are much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello, the “Gigabyte Z390 Designare” is one of the best Audio Workstation motherboards inclusive Thunderbolt 3. :wink:

Hi Wepsta, I just wrote you on the German site, asking about your slave computer build…but I see you speak English :slight_smile:
I am wondering if you’ve heard the notion that the main computer running Cubase need not be as high-power as the slave computer(s)?
I am like Alberg Keys, saying bye bye to Apple for the forseeable future.
Your build specs on the German forum are very helpful, thanks!