New PC Build Specs - Opinions please

Hi All…

I am finally moving on from my trusty WinXp 32bit dual core setup. It still works perfectly and has for 5 years now but its time to go 64 bit.
Here is a proposed build which I’ve done plenty homework on and am feeling good about.

I’d really appreciate it if you knowledgable folk could be my last line of defense against a potential problem. Or if you know of an improvement, suggest away. I don’t mind spending as the last build has lasted 5 years and earns me my living. :slight_smile:

I’ll continue to run my Motu pcie 424 card paired with a motu 2408 mk III.

Thanks in advance…

Chip - Intel® Core i7 3820 Processor - 3.60GHz
Motherboard - INTEL® X79 Siler
RAM - 4 * 4096MB 1600Mhz, DDR3 = 16 gig
Primary HDD - 128GB SSD SATA 2.5"
Secondary HDD - 2.0 TB-7200RPM-Serial ATA III (SATA3)
Graphics Card - Fanless Asus Gforce GT 520
PSU - 750 watt
Case - NZXT whisper silent case
OS - Windows Ultimate edition 64bit

What was the point of the above link?

About your Build, I personally prefer ATI graphics for most things are drivers are released almost monthly and for years into the future.

I would make sure your secondary hard drive is a Western Digital Caviar Black (2TB), they are really fast, and they have never let me down.

I would also recommend going for Windows 7 Professional, there is a Windows XP emulation mode in this verison, which other Windows 7 versions don’t have, and it may be a life saver when you discover some other piece of software you have doesn’t work in Windows 7.

I was gonna say that too, but if Wikipedia is correct, it’s in Professional as well as Enterprise and Ultimate. (this Wiki was different in the past, also stating later ‘end of support’ for Professional than the other versions)
You might want to consider Pro anyway, I don’t see any added value for a DAW in Ultimate.

Thanks guys. I’m gonna check out all the suggestions. I’ve had really good luck with PC’s so far. Been running my studio for 10 years now and this is the 3rd box I’m building.

Hopefully the run continues. I’ll post an update when its up and running.

One thing i would say is that Windows Home Premium is actually the better Operating System for a DAW. Professional runs a lot more processes behind the scenes which detracts attention from what you want it to be doing. That is of course unless your interested in future RAM upgrades (professional Can take a lot more RAM).

The spec looks great. you got a whole lot of fun ahead of you.

Any OS should be tweaked for DAW operation, so in the case of W7 Pro you just need to kill a couple more processes. I’d say, no XP mode and max RAM-amount of 16 GB are reasons to not go for Home Premium.

Well when you put it like that (lol),… It sounds like a sensible option for you.

Thanks again all.
I’ve order the parts and await delivery with antici…pation.
I’m going with the western digital drive 2TB. Good tip.
Also going w7 ultimate to allow more ram at some point in the future.
Once built I’ll do some tests and report back.
Once again i’$ grateful for all input received.

Enjoy,… There’s nothing like the feeling of anticipation when you got a new pc on the way. Have a good one anyway!! :slight_smile: