New PC for Cubase 9.5/Komplete 11

Now that I have Komplete 11 along with cubase 9.5, I can’t use my Surface 4 for a production computer (it’s 8 GB RAM is stuttering and staticing) and my nephew the engineer is going to build me one and I have a few questions:

What diff does various wattages matter in the power supply - I hear Corsair is a good company to buy, 550 w?

Should I overkill with 24 GB ram? could I use 3x8 or 4x6? Or should I not bother and just get 16?

The price difference in 256 and 512 SSD seems negligible- should I go for the 512?

I also hear that any 8th gen chip is good over 3.0 Mhz - is i5 enough?

The goal is to be future proof, don’t mind spending now if the box is going to last?

Thanks in advance for all your commentary.

Hi, I guess it all depends on your usage. Technically, on wattage, you would add up all the ratings of the devices you intend to connect to be sure your computer can supply. Without knowing that, nobody can comment.

Similarly, without knowing what your greatest ram usage project might use, it’s not possible to make a recommendation. If you look at the Task Manager while your most memory intensive project is running in Cubase, that should probably give you an idea. Nevertheless, more RAM is more future-proof. But, as long as you have a slot, you can always add later.

Concerning SSD, by all means, get the biggest. This one is the easiest! But you should have a second drive as well.

About chip, I think it is still true that many apps or parts of apps (plugins for example) are not able to make use of multiple threads, and therefore, the chip with the highest clock speed is the best, and the clock speed is more important than the number of cores. Maybe somebody who knows more should comment.

One last point, without knowing the specs of the Surface, I guess just about any desktop computer will have major advantages. And you probably ought to have a fast graphics processor. In principle, Cubase doesn’t need a fast graphics processor, but post after post on Gearslutz says that upgrading the graphics processor is the single most potent performance improvement to Cubase. I can’t explain it, but I think it’s true.

Looking at sites recommending music production computers, they’re all settling on gaming computers, which always feature fast processors, fast graphics processors, ample main memory, and an SSD c drive big enough to hold all the programs, combined with a big spinning hard drive for projects and sample libraries.


Wattage just need to be enough to ‘feed’ the system… with a safety margin.
Corsair are pretty good, other specialised PSU vendors can be slightly better, although more expensive, like e.g. Seasonic.
I have 3 systems with Corsair (600W) and one with Seasonic (650W), they all behave very good and reliably. Note that these are all ‘Bronze’ series, decent efficiency.
But of course it depends on the configuration - Corsair and Cooler Master have a wattage calculator online tool: and

Which kind of use? If you are using big sample libraries, then yes, the more RAM the better.
The slots’ configuration also depends on the memory channels the CPU you are going to choose has - your nephew will know how to check :slight_smile:

If it’s negligible, by all means go with the bigger one.
But if you plan on adding other drives (say, one for libraries and one for projects, or a big one with two partitions), the space you’ll need on the OS drive won’t be much.
I personally use a 480 SSD for dual booting two Win partitions (OS + Cubase, plug-ins, stand-alone guitar and synth software and a couple photo programs): all libraries and projects reside on 2TB HDDs, the SSD is still half empty!

Depends on the usage, again :slight_smile: If you need low latency, then fewer, faster cores are better.
If you work on big projects but don’t need to go low on latency, it might be worth buying into a CPU with more cores, but I would definitely recommend to avoid CPUs with many, slow cores (e.g. CPUs with 24, 36 cores running at 2.50).
I have an i5-4690K @3.50GHz, runs projects with 150 insert plug-ins and 4-5 (max 8-10) VSTi at 50%/70% (with buffers between 96 and 256).
A benchmark reference for newer CPUs (including high-count multi-core):

Good luck with the build!

P.S. The newer (7th and 8th Gen.) equivalents to the K-series i5 are the i5-7600K and i5-8700K (quad and exa, respectively).
On the i7 side, you have the 7700K and 8700K

P.P.S. Might be a good idea to hear other Komplete 11 users that have similar needs, if you heavily rely on it.