new PC for Cubase (extreme VST(i) usage)

hi cubase users

my current pc lacks of the required RAM for my orchestral compositions.
since my hardware is outdated im going to purchase a new system instead of just upgrading the memory.

im using Kontakt 5 with a lot of huge libraries (LASS, VSL, EWQL, …), synthesizers and a lot of VST effects.

id be thankful for recommendations about mainboard, cpu, soundcard etc.
(im planning to use the pc for gaming as well so onboard gpu isnt needed)

i was thinking about 64GB RAM so i wont run into any limitations anytime soon.

thank you in advance.


700w+ power supply 3930K (6 core)over clocked to 4.5GHz, X79 motherboard, 64 gig DDR 3 1600 low voltage. (very difficult to get 8x8gig sticks to work, you may be sending back sticks for months or accept it running @ 1066)
several SSD drives (lass especially) and most likely some of your Vienna
spliting your libraies up across several drives ssd or not is very much recommended

a 560 video card

thank you very much for your reply

using seperate ssd drives for the biggest libraries is definitely a very good idea.

ill post the specs asap

ive got another question
would you recommend the sandy bridge e over the ivy bridge?
i read it performs slightly faster on heavily memory itensive tasks.

atm i tend to the sandy bridge e.
ivy bridge is less power consuming and cheaper.
bus sandy bridge e has better benchmarks

my current setup:
CPU Socket 2011 Intel® Core™ i7-3930K FC-LGA4, “Sandy Bridge E”, WoF
CPU cooler Noctua NH-D14
Solid State Drive 2,5 Zoll SATA Samsung 830series 2,5" 256 GB ( 2x )
Corsair CMPSU-750HX
Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced

costs about ~ 2500 €

im thinking about a third/fourth or bigger ssd.
it it a bad idea to put sample libraries on the same ssd as my operating system?

im not sure about the sound card yet. can i encounter performance issues due to a weak sound card?
or is any ASIO card sufficient?
i dont plan to do any recordings, i mainly use VST(i)

thank you for your help


OS 500 or so OS and all programs
Audio drive 1-2 TB 7200
Samples : 1-2 SSD plus 1-2TB for not so heavy hitting samples.

external back up!

do i really need 500 GB for windows 7?
i have a 156 gb hd for my windows xp machine (os+programs) and there is still 21 gb free.

im adding a 512 GB for samples but isnt 256 enough for the system?

500G sata 7200 NOT SSD…
keep the SSDs for samples

Win 7 has a significantly bigger footprint than XP- especially 64-bit Win 7. It’s huge.

My own DAW system has 3 500GB HDs, and I don’t use it for anything but making music. My system drive is more than half full.

Even if you have a “samples drive” like I do, not all apps and plugins give you a choice. Ableton Live installs its instruments and samples into your My Documents folder, for example (which is ridiculous).

Trust me, you want a big drive.

I have my windows 7 x64 OS and all programs on a 128gig SSD no problem.


i had an 80G SSD with win7 and Adobe Master collection on it as well as audio programs…
not much room left for my docs… that went on an additional HDD
now with a 250G all is good :slight_smile: 128 is definately do-able

but again no need for and SSD OS from a performance POV for audio, it simply makes windows snappier and programs open a bit faster.

ok im convinced
the 512 gb ssd is for the os now (os + programs + cubase project folder)

i switched to a bigtower in case i want to add more ssds later.
and the mainboard is an msi now. for some reason they are cheaper but support 128gb ram (asus supported max 64)

is there any performance loss if i use asio4all with the standard soundcard? should i purchase an m-audio or such?

Noctua NH-D14
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Intel® Core™ i7-3930K
Corsair CMPSU-750HX
CM Storm Trooper
ADATA S510 2,5" SSD 120 GB
ADATA S511 2,5" SSD 240 GB
ADATA XPG SX900 2,5" SSD 512 GB
MSI X79A-GD45 (8D)
CnMemory 3,5" interne HDD (66204)
G.Skill DIMM 64 GB DDR3-1600 Octo-Kit
Teac DV-518GSA-100
costs €3000

thanks for your help

If you want low latency performance, you’ll really want another soundcard with their own ASIO drivers.

Im looking to run 32 gb of ram, 4x8 gig sticks, Asus x79 sabertooth and 3930k. Im looking at the corsair vengence, either 1.5v or 1.35v. Any issues with running 4x8 sticks verses 8x8 sticks? Will the 1.35 be better? Would like to overclock to maybe 4.1ghz or so.

i was considering the sabertooth as well.
but my msi board supports max 128GB ram (asus sabertooth 64GB)

good comparison:

i wanted to stick with the asus board at first because to msi was “too cheap” but the specs conviced me.

thanks for your answer. but is the midi signal actually processed through the sound card if my keyboard is connected via usb?

This is what you need

24 SSD in raid may also be nice

Greetz Bassbase