New PC - installing Cubase and VST sound files

So I’m about to buy a new PC and move Cubase and everything else over.

I currently have all my VST sound files (including extra groove agent and halion packs I’ve bought) sitting on an SSD drive (not the OS drive) with other samples.

I’m going to move this SSD to the new machine. When I install Cubase do I have to reinstall all the VST sound content over the top or can I install Cubase and then use the library manager to get Cubase to see the vst sound files on my other ssd?

Trying to keep everything neat and tidy so would like to avoid duplicate files…

Try it and tell us. If the latter does not work you can still restart the installer and install only the content.

Good advice. When the Library Manager 1st came out it readily found all my preinstalled content & even ID’d duplicates. I’d try running the Library Manager before even installing Cubase so Cubase will know where to find them from the get-go.

Genius idea!

It should be able to work. I had a PC crash and also had to reinstall many programs. Luckily I had most of my libraries on a separate drive like you and after speaking with the suppliers, I was able to use most of them without reinstalling. Normally, you should be able to just install the main program and dll files. Steinberg should probably be able to help you on this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Let us know how it turns out

Same as Raino… when i got the new system i just moved a drive over to the new machine, ran library manager and that was it…
It works REALLY well in this situation :smiley:

Hi guys. So I’ve just got round to this. Have installed library manager but it’s not finding any libraries at all. I’ve set the default location. Do I perhaps need to install Cubase first?