New PC making noise

I’m not entirely sure if I’m posting in the right forum for this question, but here goes.

So I’ve made a new PC and for whatever reason, I’m getting computer noise through my headphones. I’m running a Focusrite 6i6 through a USB 2 cable as the main audio output from the computer. I had this same setup with my previous PC and absolutely no computer noise at all. In fact, nothing other than the computer has changed. Everything is exactly where I left it with my other computer. I have my Korg Kronos directly next to my computer desk running into the Focusrite with two TRS cables and occasionally, a MIDI cable, but like I said, that didn’t cause a single issue with my last computer. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Unplug things one at a time and check through the cans to hear when the noise stops. The computer might be interacting in an unhealthy way with one of your other pieces of gear. This is why I keep isolation transformers handy.

I tried that but still, it’s making noise. I really don’t understand why I had no issues with the last pc but this one gives me trouble.
What are isolation transformers?

Well, if this is some sort of configuration/grounding issue with your computer specifically, and it sounds like it is, isolation transformers won’t help you. Since you apparently built this new PC yourself, you might have to look at the problem from the build angle. I’ve never built my own computer, so I can’t help you there, even with helpful hints. Sorry about that.

There’s a computer forum on Gearslutz where you might be able to get some real help with your problem, though.

Go to device manager. Open sound video and game controllers. Disable all except your Focusrite. If that eliminates the noise enable one at a time and see if it comes back. Also you can try disabling under universal serial bus controllers each usb hub one at a time and see if that eliminates the noise. Keep in mind your Focusrite will be plugged into one of the hubs as well as your mouse and keyboard.

I tried all of those. Still, noise. I’m beginning to believe it’s a ground issue.

Yet another problem I’ve run into. I have to change the output routing on my interface to hear anything from iTunes or YouTube. On the last computer, it worked just fine without my having to change the routing just to hear something. I had it set on one thing and it worked just fine for both. Any ideas?

I’m not familiar with your particular interface, and haven’t used a USB interface for a while … however, I am using a Focusrite (Saffire Pro 40 - firewire interface) and experienced some strangeness I have managed to overcome.

Until a recent Windows update (I’m guessing, because things seem to have straightened out since then) I had to change from 44.1 (my normal working rate in Cubase and what I would leave my settings at in the Focusrite app) to 96 in order to use any websites (Pandora, Youtube, etc.) and hear sound. It’s certainly either this or a combination of this and my Nvidia settings always trying to re-enable my HDMI audio output, which I always try to disable, causing conflicts.

One way or another, I’m sure this has nothing to do with your mysterious noise issues. Just thought I’d share some probably useless info. Hopefully not …

Man, I’m becoming more and more difficult to understand myself sometimes. Is that ringing in my ears bothering anybody else?

Good night. God bless. We love you all …

Daniel, mine is just the humble opinion of a guy who only mods computers (very) occasionally, but it sounds like you need to review your computer build from the ground up. And you should mine Gearslutz for info from guys who build music-production computers for a living. That’s what I would do if I were in your shoes.

This isn’t really a computer geek forum. I’m not saying that to be cold-hearted. It’s just the way it is.

It’s true – and probably related to electrical shielding.