New PC - probably not a new question, but...

Hi there,

I understand that this is a recurring question but things change and I’m looking for specific recommendations.

I am looking to get a new PC, hopefully for under $500. I already have all the periphenilia such as a decent monitor, the Lexicon Lambda interface, audio equipment etc. So it’s just the PC with Win 7 (64 bit).

It’s for running Cubase LE4 and Photoshop CS5. Not much else. 64bit and lots of memory will be beneficial for Photoshop. That much I know. What are the deciding factors to make Cubase respond faster than it does on my current computers (2GB 2.4 DualCore or so) ? It’s not horrible but I would like to reduce the lag time of both audio and midi in my setup.

What are the most important factors as far as the PC is concerned? Processor? Memory? Specific motherboards that are better or worse? Etc.

I’m not really excited about the idea about building my own so are there any recommendations in the 4-5 hundered dollar class that work well off the shelf?