New PC, reactivation not working - HELP!


I have e-mailed Steinberg twice over the course of two weeks and have received absolutely no response whatsoever, so I’m hoping you guys might be more helpful.

I purchased Cubase LE 9 which came free with my audio interface. Shortly after, I upgraded to Elements 9. All fine, worked.

I then upgraded to a new PC and downloaded the e-licencenser etc. I thought I had succeeded with the crazy reactivation process and Elements 9 is listed as one of the available licences. However, it only seems to work for the LE version and I can’t download the full version.

When trying my original upgraded e-mail activation code, it tells me the old elicenser has ‘deprecated’.

All I want is a simple step by step solution to be able to use Cubase again. I have already lost two weeks to this faff.

Any help greatly appreciated, but please don’t just point me to the reactivation link as it hasn’t helped!

Are you sure it’s not working as Elements? The executable file is the same for AI, LE and Elements with just different bits turned on depending on the license. The fact that it’s called Cubase LE AI Elements doesn’t mean it’s not the full version. If your license shows Cubase Elements 9 then it should run as such.

Hey, any news on this?
I have the same problem on a clients computer. I tried to reactivate a cubase LE9 license on his old macbook.
The eLicenser on the macbook worked earlier, we had the cubase license there, before we moved it to his new computer, now we want to move back.
The registration website says that his macbook elicenser is deprecated. Fresh installed, latest version.
I tried to contact steinberg two times but I did not even get an autoresponder (looked in spam folder as well). I have the ticket numbers from the screenshot but no response.
Do you have any ideas?
Are there any official statements from steinberg about this?

Cheers, Matze!

It also depends if you activated it as USB- or Soft-elicencer. If it was activated as a soft-elicencer you will need a new activation code because it’s restricted to the initial machine. The USB-elicencer remains valid and works where ever you plug in the stick.
You can request a new activation code on My Steinberg and you shouldn’t need support to activate again? That is, if you synchronized your elicenser in the past so it will be available on My Steinberg?

Thanks for your reply.
The client has just the soft-eLicenser. I want to activate it on the steinberg website but that’s not possible because it’s deprecated. What do I’m getting wrong?
If I’m getting it right, I can get a new activation code for his cubase license but for that I have to activate the elicenser, right?


Is it the AI license that is deprecated or the eLicenser?

Hey, It’s the eLicenser, I can’t activate it on the steinberg website. The cubase license is just for the next step.