New PC Tower How to Install Cubase 10 on New Computer from 9.5 Upgrade?

Hello everyone… I am in the process of buying another desktop to split VST processing with DAW processing on different computers using the VienaEnsemble software.

Since I have all my VSTs and plugins for sounds already installed and mapped on the old computer, I will uninstall my currently upgraded Cubase 10 from 9.5 on it, so I can install on the new computer with Cubase 10 desktop I will be getting. I guess I am being proactive to understand how to install…

So, is it as easy as using the same e licensor key on the new computer and just download Cubase 10?? Or do I have to incrementally install the software since it is upgraded from Cubase 9.5 to 10???

I hope there ae some directions for this somewhere instead of someone have to type everything… Of course, any help is appreciated.

likewise, I hope all this work I am doing with ViennaEnsemble will really ease up all of my VST processing… but that is another topic.

Thanks again,


Asked and answered through all the forums certainly a hundred times :unamused: :Download and install the full Cubase 10 installer.

And no need to uninstall anything on your old machine. Just move the dongle.

Thanks for the answer… I did not see it when I searched, sorry…

I installed t full version of 10, moved the dongle from the old computer to the new, still not working? Used the eLicensor update, still not working… is time to get a hold of Steinberg? Or is there something I am missing?


And what is not working? Any Error message?

Within the licenser software… I palce the ‘activation number’ and then in the donngle in the right hand side of the GUI, it states pending upgrade. And I see nothing is the software trying to alter it. This is where I am stuck at…

You shouldn’t have needed to enter the activation code. If you had already upgrade dongle to Cubase 10 on the old machine then it would already have Cubase 10 ready to go on the dongle.
It sounds like your dongle doesn’t have the Cubase 10 license.