New PC & Upgrade 8 to 10 Pro- what's the best sequence?

Hi, I’m finally graduating from Win7 to Win10, and I’d figure I’d go from 8.1PRO to 10.x Pro.

I’m thinking the proper sequence would be to upgrade the Win7 box, then move the eLicense dongle to the new Win10 machine, and doing a fresh install of 10.x there.

Or should I just install 8.x on the new machine and follow the upgrade steps? Not sure if there’s an upside or a downside to either method.


no need to install Cubase 8 on a new computer unless you use 32 bit plugins. if my memory serves me correctly Cubase 8.5 was the last Cubase to offer brigde with 32 bit plugins.

There is no ability to “upgrade” the installation. When installing 10 it will always be via a full install.

The only thing you can upgrade is the license on your dongle and it doesn’t care what computer you use to update the license.

The major reason you might want to install 8 on your new PC is as a precaution against having plugs that worked in 8 but not 10, you can load the project in 8 and render what is needed to import into 10. But you can do that later if the need ever crops up. In any case always save the install files for old versions.

Great, thanks! I guess I really don’t recall my past upgrades…didn’t remember it was always a fresh install.


It is only for the major versions. But for something like going from 10.0.0 to 10.0.20 it does just update the current installation.