New PC W7 Cuabse 8 seems to install but nothing happens

Hi there.

I’ve just built a new PC with Windows 7 on. First thing I installed (after a few security things and sound / graphics drivers etc) was Cubase 8. Seemingly no problems installing but when I open the application I get the circling thing for 2 to 3 seconds and then nothing.

I downloaded Cubase 8 from MyAccount on the Steinberg site as I bought it as a digital download (upgrade from 7.5). The download on MyAccount is the full version.

I tried installing Cubase 7 as I have the discs for that and that works no problem.

I have a dialogue with Steinberg support going and after some initial difficulties with my account and eLicencer (I’ve bought a new one and the Cubase 8 licence is present - although I think I should still get further than I do if it’s a licence issue?), I’ve ensured that I have the latest eLicencer version and all Windows updates.

I’ve installed the dotnet and C++ packages they advised and ensured I have the correct settings for Aero. No help I’m afraid.

As I had a spare hard drive knocking around I reformatted and put on a fresh W7 install and without doing anything else installed Cubase 8. Same deal - seems to install but then nothing happens when attempting to open the application.

I thought I’d post on here in case it’s one of those obvious things that I’m not seeing, or someone has encountered the same thing and can steer me right.

I can of course post more system / configuration details if that would be a help.


Does Aero actually work since Cubase 8 will not start up if Aero is not working? Right click on the desktop, click on Personalise, then click on Window Color. There should be a ticked box to Enable Transparency. I had a problem with Aero caused by Windows Update KB2670838. I uninstalled that, then everything worked fine.

Install for all users?

Cuabse! I quite like that.

Thanks guys for your responses.

jdh8uk - the Enable Transparency box is ticked. I’m unsure what Windows updates I have - I think I ticked update Windows when installing on my proper install and just install the version on disc for the test do-nothing-else-after install.

teknatronik - I uninstalled and re-installed Cubase 8 and ticked the for all users box this time - same issue I’m afraid…

Run Windows Update and be sure you have all the updates.

Hi bluzcat

I’ve done that. I’d done that already then Steinberg support advised and I did it again. Doesn’t seem to be the issue…

Hi there

bluzcat - after another recommendation to update Windows I looked at it again.It seems I had a problem with Windows Update. I fixed that and it had a number of updates to install. Once I’d done that I was good to go. So thanks for your help and also to jdh8uk and teknatronik for taking the time…


Glad you got it sorted.

Glad you got sorted. I did a fresh install of windows 7 not long ago from my original disk and it took a few days of forcing windows update to get the service pack in and everything up to date. If you just leave it on it’s own it can take much longer