New performance meter

I have a top specced desktop computer that performs worse than expected running Cubase. Now that Cubase 12 i here the new performance metering is giving you more clues to where the problems are. In my case the ASIO-guard meter is showing rather high figures. Speaking of this, could anyone decipher the following Steinberg explanation of the specific meter?:

# ASIO-Guard

Shows the average audio processing load of the processing path, which can be processed in advance (prefetched). The block size depends on the ASIO-Guard settings found on the ‘Audio System’ page of the ‘Studio Setup’ dialog. If the audio interface is set to a small block size, it is a bigger block size than for real-time processing.

Block size 1 = meter?
Block size 2 = buffer size?
And the last meaning = small audio buffer size result in higher processing load?

Is ASIO-Guard metering the most significant meter when it comes to the computer’s performance, meaning handling of plugin and audio paths?