New platform

How are you going to do changing computer…
Going from w7 and cb artist 6,5 to w10 or Mac osx and cb artist 8,5?
Can you update on The new platform?

Just buy the upgrade-´.

Install it on the Mac.

Move the eLicenser dongle to the new computer.

…and away you go.


The license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. So just by plug-in the USB-eLicenser, you transfer the license.

You don’t need to install your Cubase Artist 6.5 on the new system at all. Just download Cubase Artist 8.5 from your MySteinberg/Downloads and install it.

Done, have fun. :wink:

I have alot Of plugins, are they working with 8,5?
Thanks for The help!


Since Cubase 7, there is no support for VST 2.3 or older plug-ins. If your plug-ins are up-to-date, then it should works. Of course, there could be exception (we don’t know what plug-ins do you have).

What about The e-licence, can i just bye uppgrade from
Cb6,5 or halionsonic2 (absolut collection2)?you bye The license and The software Will work?


It depends on the license (software). In most cases, this is not true and you have to install the software.

  1. You buy the upgrade from the Steinberg Shop.

  2. You download and install the upgrade (see the email you received from Steinberg).

  3. You update the eLicencer dongle, using the eLicenser Control Center. (again, see the e-mail for the update code).

  4. Now the software will work.

    Note! Your Cubase Artist 8.5 license is valid for all previous versions aswell. So, you can leave your v6.5 installed, incase you should need it.

many thanx
happy christmas
marry new year!

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so the software dosnt need to be built on a another earlier version…ex cubase 6,5 update to cb 8,5…you can just install the update and it will do…is that also the case for ex padshop to padshop pro, zero, granular synthezeiser, granular guitars…or…
what about when you bye and install something you already have…ex you have halion sonic 2, and bye absolut Collection 2 wich incloud halion sonic 2…are you having 2 licensis and 2 halionsonic on board…
best reguards


Yes, this is also the case. Anytime, you download the full installer (what you can do always), you don’t need the previous installation to be able to install the product.

Again, you don’t need an installation of HALion Sonic 2, and you can install it with Absolute 2 Collection. But, an activation (license) is something else then installation.

Regarding to license, it depends…

  1. If you upgrade the license from HALion Sonic 2 (i.e. you buy Absolute 2 Collections Crossgrade from HALion Sonic 2), then your HALion Sonic 2 license is upgraded, so after the upgrade you still have one license, in this case Absolute 2 Collection. Your HALion Sonic 2 license is then part of the new Absolute 2 Collection.

  2. If you buy a new license of Absolute 2 Collection, then you have two individual licenses:

  • HALion Sonic 2
  • Absolute 2 Collection.

I hope, it’s clear.