New Play Cursor - Not Good

Same here.
To see it on gridlines, just set it to 2 pixel width.

Nobody’s home … :neutral_face:

its all to do with this white focus scheme which I think is horrid but there was a hint a while ago when asked if the white boarders could be removed the answer was "not at the present time " so it sounds like they could be working on it .
+1 on this I would love the old cursor back + no white focus boxing as well

Old topic …

Even though I originally said I would probably get used to it, I don’t think it’s really growing on me. :neutral_face: .

I do think there are many more important issues to address at the present time - I sure miss the precision and snappiness of 6.5.

It can’t be that difficult to re-instate as an option, can it :question:

I don’t like the C7 cursor…
In Wavelab 7 (PC) there is a nice thin line doing the cursur job, and it moves very smooth also. They should adopt it for Cubase.

I don’t like the C7 cursor…
In Wavelab 7 (PC) there is a nice thin line doing the cursur job, and it moves very smoothly also. My Cubase-Cursor seems to be very GPU-hungry, the more I zoom in, the more distorted it looks while moving…

What more to say ? Just that the worst annoyance is the aspect of it : all blurry and confusing…

Steiny ?

+1 - it gets horrible, ugly, blurry, jagged, jittery.

Were there any requests I wonder (from users/big name hollywood blockbuster types) to change the perfectly fine C6.x.x behaviour…? I think not. So, the devs obviously had their reasons. :frowning:

If this thread can get up to 6,7, or 8 pages full of like minded folk, maybe something might happen… Nothing for 7.0.4 thats for sure…

I wonder the same.

Remember the dispay change made to automation during the previous version? Lots of people had to chime in before Steinberg did anything about it. But the question is, what urges them to change a perfectly working feature instead of spending that time on the bugs that do need urgent attention?

And on a similar theme; look at this ugly method we have since C6, to display the Info, Status, Overview lines, Inspector (and Control Room etc in MixConsole). What on God’s earth was wrong with having dedicated buttons (or permanently displayed info).? Yes, I have a KC for the Inspector, but the other stuff…? Really…? It all needed changing…?!?

So now it performs like some Developer ‘hacked together’ mechanism, to quickly demonstrate ‘work-in-progress’ behaviour, to the Product Managers/Heads of Department/Senior Line Manager, that won’t be in the final product sir, honest… its just temporary like, while I work on other bits…

Horrible. Very low-rent. Very un-german like precision engineering.

And this is now C7 - and its still there; like, they actually like it - in fact, what am I saying, they’ve even added to it…!!

Sorry all, I’ve hijacked - now back to your usual programme… :wink:

OK, hijaking my own thread :sunglasses: :
I really don’t like this, either ! A very ‘inconvenient’ implementation !
Probably they new that more buttons will emerge, after C6 and tried to avoid cluttering the button line.
I’m pretty sure, the poor design is caused by Cubase being cross platform.
I.e.: they had to use some ‘premade’ function of their dev environment.

And to derail even more :
No one ever told us, why on earth, the info line has been resized,
showing nothing more than before but taking double the vertical space ?!
Makes no sense … but obviously is there to stay …

Problem is: most human beings get used to such ‘minor regressions’