New players get added to wrong part layout

See janky gif below.

In this particular project, any time I add a new player, Dorico insists on also adding that player to the Flute 1 layout. No matter what I do.

Has anyone else encountered this? I can go back and fix the layouts after adding players, but it’s a pain, and of course it doesn’t seem right.

I can’t post the file here, but I’ve emailed it to Daniel.

It’s very blurry, but I think your flute part is a Score Layout.

It’s not, it’s a part layout.

Sorry Dan, it’s very hard to see exactly what’s going on.

Sorry for the bad-quality gif. I’m on a 4K screen and had to size it down to 600 wide.

Basically I just add a player, and it gets assigned to the flute 1 layout. So when I add Horn 1, that layout becomes “Flute 1 & Horn 1.”

Does the fact that you are using groups affect the results?
(Not sure why it should, but it might.)

I wondered about that. The composer set up the groups, not me.

By the way, did you know that if you add a player, it adds it to the bottom of the group you had selected, not necessarily the end of the player list?