New Players Not Adopting Flow Title Defaults

I had a set of players with their instruments, and specified that Flow subtitle should not show in instrumental parts. I also clicked ‘Set as default’ (bottom left) with the ‘Parts’ drop-down menu selected, to tell Dorico that no part, current or new, should show flow subtitle.

When later I add a new player and part, the Flow subtitle shows in the part. :face_exhaling:

What am I doing wrong in specifying defaults? Why do I keep having to go back after defaults have been specified?

Also: do defaults affect only the current project, or can they be set for Dorico to remember on every project?

Thanks for your advice :grinning:

Could you post pictures of your parts page templates? I have the feeling that what you call Flow subtitles are Flow headings… Quite different object.
Or maybe your pages have overrides, which prevent Dorico from doing its magic — your pages icons at the right top panel in Engrave mode would show red triangles.

Yes, you’re quite right Marc, sorry, it’s Flow Headings and I may be able to cure this by adjusting the page templates rather than the Layout options in:

Layout Options (Cmd-Shift-L [Mac])>Page Setup>Flows>Show Flow Headings>Never

No. The problem you probably have here is that you need to select all your parts in the Layout options window (right panel, there’s a button all the way down to select them all) before you pick that option. It does work.
Page templates do not interfere with flow headings.
Of course, you could edit the flow headings to leave it empty in the parts kit. But layout options is faster.

I did, but as mentioned the return of the Flow heading in a part affects any new instruments introduced after the main set of players has been specified and written into.

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Ok, then try and modify the flow headings template (below page templates), but I am not sure whether they’re different in the parts and full scores

Did you definitely click “Apply” after changing the option to hide flow headings, before saving as default?

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Yes, I clicked ‘Apply’.