New playing technique with period in popover text

When I create a playing technique for “1.” and “2.” I’m noticing a problem: when there’s a period in the popover text, Dorico throws an error message. Removing the period from the text fixes it. So my PT for 1. has to be:

Name: 1.
Displays: 1.
Popover text: 1

Not a problem, but it’s worth mentioning, since it seems that PT popover text cannot include a period.

Interesting… what does the error message say? I do have a problem with single digit PTs, but it’s not related to the period… :question:

It just says something generic like “Dorico encountered an error.” No freeze, no crash. Then the PT will belatedly appear in the score several keystrokes later.

I think the reason for this is that Dorico will remove things like full stops (periods), commads, hyphens, etc. from the text that you input, and so if the popover text you’re trying to match contains one of these characters, they won’t match up. There are a number of possible approaches to solving this conundrum, which we’ll have to think about, but for the time being I recommend you don’t use punctuation in the popover text you define for custom playing techniques.


See attached file. I’ve added a playing technique for “1.” which I’ve set as simply “1” for the popover text, but I can’t get it to work via the popover. It does work if I load the mouse.

I’ve tried deleting the PT and recreating it, to no avail.

But the “2.” that I created does work via the popover. I’m at a loss. Thanks.

Just wanted to follow up on this. I’m still unable to create a custom playing technique for “1.” even if the popover text omits the period.

Is anyone else able to do this?

Dear Dan,
I just tried it and… no problem here!

Marc, the problem is not to have a playing technique that looks like ‘1.’ in print, but to give it an easy to remember name you can type in the popover. Apart from punctuation, apparently just the digit 1 is also somehow reserved. I see you also worked around it by naming it ‘uno’. I have named them ‘1e’ and ‘2e’, which are Dutch abbreviations I can live with. BTW, adding a period is actually the German way of writing ordinal numbers.

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you on this, but at last the mystery is solved: you can’t use the number ‘1’ on its own in the Shift+P popover because that is interpreted by Dorico as a full pedal retake for piano pedaling (you can type 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 into the popover to create retakes with that amount of lift of the pedal, with 1/4 being lifting the pedal one quarter and 1 being a full retake).

Got it. Thanks.