New Playing Techniques Work Individually But Not Together

Using Dorico’s playing techniques editor I have created three harpsichord playing techniques, 8’ stop, 8’+4’ stop and Buff stop (GPO5). These all work perfectly when individually placed in a score.

However if I place the Buff stop followed by the 8’+4’ stop a few bars later, the 8’+4’ stop does not cancel the Buff patch which continues sounding and vice-versa.

Is there something I need to do either in the P.T. Editor or the Expression Maps Editor for the above to work? I have looked through the PT Video by Anthony Hughes in detail and also searched the forums and manual and could find no solution.


You need to put Nat. or Ord. to cancel the running technique before a new one will take effect… you can have several actions within a technique, but there’s no way, as far as I know, to replicate the Nat. functionality within the Actions field of custom Xmap techniques (in Dorico itself)

Hello Fratveno,

Thanks for replying, it’s much appreciated.

How can I add several actions within one technique. I have tried searching for this without success.


See here.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for replying and apologies for missing your post there.

I’ve replied to your suggestion there to avoid a double thread on the same point.

Additionally… An Xmap typically contains several techniques such as Natural, Legato, Staccato, Marcato etc. Now, imagine that you have created a custom PT (Playing technique) for an imaginary organ library, that you want to simultaneously activate a Pleno registration AND remove all the reeds. This will, typically, require several key switches and some controller data. So the Action field for this PT would e.g. go like this: