New PLE presets don't show up in Key Commands list

  1. Open PLE
  2. Create new preset (screenshot attached)
  3. Close PLE
  4. Open Key Commands
  5. Search Key Commands list for aforementioned PLE preset
  6. Scratch head
  7. Submit bug report

It works as expected, here. Just created a dummy PLE preset, named ‘Test0’ and it appears in the Process Project Logical Editor branch of the key commands list. No problem also to assign an eventual Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T key stroke which, after testing it, appears as fully functional.

Are you sure that you actually saved the preset in the PLE window ?

Yes I did save it and I had it assigned to another key command earlier. I made some modifications to the preset, and then deleted it completely before creating it again. Perhaps there was something I did there that caused the bug. Basically I had a bunch of presets that all did similar things so I deleted them all and made a new one. And that new one is causing issues.


Let me try again using PLE via another project file and report back.

Ok. I opened another project file and checked and everything is working as it should.

I think I may have inadvertently somehow messed up the previous project file I was working in.

I’m having this same problem in Cubase 10.5, except it’s happening across multiple projects.