new plugin-cache fields


Thanks for the latest WL update! Looking forward to putting it through its paces, especially the updated RestoreRig. Has there been any progress in identifying why only the first few of the plugins in the “Wavelab Plug-in Set.vst3” show up when an installation changes? I don’t mind manually editing the plugin-cache file every time, but with the new p64xx=1 lines added it’s taking a more time than normal and I would love to avoid having to do this.


Karl Jackson

indeed, to know if a plugin is capable of 64 bit processing, some parts of the plugin needs to be “awaken” during the scanning (only the 1st time). Once done, it does not take any time for the next WaveLab launches.

The time I’m referring to is my own time manually editing the plugin-cache file in a text editor so that more than the first 10 plugins show up in Wavelab. I’ve been doing this manual editing for each update for some time now, as have others I believe.

BTW - the dialog denoise algorithm sounds quite good!