New Plugins not working properly on my UR28m 2013 i7 MAC

just installed v2 of tools UR28m and i cant get any sound out of the new guitar Plugs when using them in DSP mode on my mac in Cubase 7 … the channel strip and rev x work fine … my settings look ok and i see the new loopback feature in the software ect… also tried them as inserts on the dspmix fx and again no sound … they work fine as straight vst plugins … feeling a bit disappointed that everyone had success with there installation

bit lost wouldnt mind some help please please ?

basic gear is … Mac is i7 quad core 2013 …16gig also running the … CC121 & UAD quadcore


im thick in the head … you need to install the new Firmware v2 blaaaaaaa

How are the new amp sims?
I’m very interested in this kinda thing and I use a lot of amp sims in my projects.
Is it pretty much a hardware version of the amp sim in cubase?
Still pretty cool either way.