New Pop Rock-ish track

Hey guys,

I finally finished another song with C7. This track is very pop rock but I still like it. I’m quite happy with composition (I think) so far. I think the vocal performance needs some work but I’ve always hated the sound of my own voice…

The guitars were recorded with a Les Paul/Fender SuperSonic. Mic’d with an SM57 and an AT4033 into a Focustrite Saffire.

My vocals were done with a Rode K2 in omni (Thought I’d try it :slight_smile: )

Thanks for listening!

EDIT - Updated mix:


Beautiful vocals and nice melody. The recording sounds a bit dry and where is the bass? I think this piece is screaming for a strong bass and some strings, esp in the chorus. I don’t like the synth sound at 3:24, it sounds a bit weird, like aliens. It might just be my opinion but if you just replace that weird sound with a nice synth string it will sound much better. Really like the guitars, voices and harmonies.

Thanks! Now that you mention it I agree the bass is too low and thin and vocals are too dry. I’ll have to fix that :slight_smile:

I contemplated putting strings over chorus but I tend to use strings in a lot of my songs, so this time round I tried not too but I guess if something works you should just do it… The synth was actually what I was going for :smiley: I wanted to add some quirkiness to track, maybe it can still work with a string synth like you suggested. I’ll have a play.

Thanks for you comments, really appreciate it!

Nice writing. I actually liked the synth that you used, although I think it would have more interesting effect if used more sparingly. Agree on the bass being too low. It has a nice overall sound.

Thanks for giving it a listen Early. Having noticed your exceptional writing in So Sad So Mean So Funny, I really appreciate that!

When you say use the synth more sparingly, are you saying drop the volume or maybe take it out the mix earlier? Because I originally didn’t have it running over the final chorus and I’m still not sure whether it should be there or not.

What I meant was, you could just use it a little less. I like the way it comes in. Then maybe let it drop back out while you sing, then come back in at the end of the phrase. Sort of a counter melody as opposed to a string section background. It’s just a thought that struck me as I listened to it.

I like the sonic character of this and its quite a good song. The vocals were good and I like the timbre but I would have liked to hear a bit more enthusiasm and dynamics in the delivery in parts. I think there’s potential for a lot more in the arrangement too… it feels quite flat dynamically, and gets a bit the “same” after a while and hence for me it therefore felt too long.

There’s an arpeggiated muted guitar sound that first comes in at around 0:47… it’s level seems to gradually drop up to when it stops at 1:05. I think THAT level is about right. Also, is there a ‘glitch’ in the part at 0:53?

Generally, good song with room for further development I think.


Thanks for the feedback Sherz. I completely agree about the dynamics of my vocals. It lacks some punch in parts. I think I spent too much effort trying to control my voice and not enough actually performing the vocals. I felt like every time I gave it a bit more, I’d just lose control of it… but I’m currently working on that :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll re-record the vocals in a few more weeks.

Thanks for pointing out the glitch, I completely missed it! It’s a timing issue between the two guitars. Easily fixed :sunglasses:.

Thanks for listening,


Cool tune. Nicely produced and arranged. I like your guitar interaction. I like the synth part. The song may be a bit over complicated in a couple places for my tastes.(I tend to do the same thing in some of my songs) I vote against strings. Simpler, in my opinion is always preferred.

perfectly good song and a perfectly good voice…Kevin

Thanks! I’ve tried a few different synths already and I think I’ll stick with what I’ve got :slight_smile:

Thank you Kevin :slight_smile:

Like the tune very catchy great gtrs and vocal I like the synth but would pull it out during vocal or just way down…

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey guys,

I’ve created a new mix. Tried my best to incorporate most of your comments. I brought the bass up as much as I could (any more and I felt like it was too overpowering). This mix is a lot tighter and I think the only left to do is re-record the vocals with a bit more passion in a few weeks.

Would love to know what you think of the changes.

Thank you so much for all your tips so far!